Foreign Currency Payments

First of all, what is a foreign transaction fee – it is a fee charged by a credit card company/bank for EVERY transaction made in a country outside of the US. These fees might vary depending on the bank from 1 – 5% of the purchase amount. It might not seem like much, but adding up these fees throughout the whole time one is abroad might become very significant.

What to Know about Summer Study Abroad 2023-2024

Have you ever thought about studying abroad over the summer? Whether it’s Australia or Morocco, Summer Study Abroad is the perfect opportunity to learn about new cultures, eat new foods, and make lots of memories. One of the biggest concerns surrounding Summer Study Abroad programs is how students are going to pay for them. If you …

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Freedom From Debt: Your Guide to Loan Repayment After College

As you begin your financial journey post college, paying back your student loans will play a big part in tackling your finances. Repayment options are important topics to consider when you are planning for life after college. Also, important to note is the end of the three year repayment pause post-pandemic. Interest will resume for all federal student loans in September of 2023, with repayments due in October of 2023

Understanding APR: A Key Factor in Financial Decision-Making

By Khayriddin Muradov It’s critical for college students to better their understanding of financial literacy ideas to be prepared for the complex world out there. APR, or Annual Percentage Rate, is one such important piece of financial literacy. When making financial decisions, it is crucial to comprehend APR because of its impact on borrowing expenses …

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Bank Accounts 101

Ah, the good old checking and savings accounts, which many of you likely already have. They may seem very intuitive but looking closer at them we can identify the unique features of each as well as the downsides to be aware of.

Where to Start Planning for Retirement as a College Student

It is never too early to start planning for your retirement and financial independence. We all want to have a comfortable amount of wealth once we leave the work force to pursue other activities like volunteering, golf, and travel without the constant worry of running out of money. Fortunately, you can incorporate some of the strategies below while in college and leave your 60-year-old self very happy!