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Join Emory Financial Literacy, SGA, and Delta Phi Lambda for a night of literacy and snacks!

A night with Dr Rackliffe is always a treat! Come learn about money and life with Emory Financial Literacy in Oxford!

A night with Dr Rackliffe is always a treat! Come learn about money and life with Emory Financial Literacy in Atlanta!

This session will be geared towards graduate students. Come learn about repayment options!

Come learn about budging and grab a snack! Open to all!

Emory alumnus, Michael Bailey, is joining us to speak about investing for college students. Check out his book: Stop. Think. Invest.: A Behavioral Finance Framework for Optimizing Investment Portfolios. We’ll even have a few copies to give away!
Looking to work in the fall and interested in helping student with financial wellness? Reach out!

Ice cream, cookies, and Kahoot! What could be more fun! Come test your literacy knowledge with us.

Join us at Oxford College to talk about ways to start planning for our futures!
We’ll be at the Well-Being Fair on March 2nd! Come grab some popcorn and learn about what we do.

Join us if you’d like to learn more about the no loan Emory Advantage changes
Come hear Dr. Rackliffe share her wisdom in Atlanta!
Learn about taxes and leave with a taco!
Come hear Dr. Rackliffe at Oxford too!
Join us at one of our February events to celebrate Financial Aid Awareness Month!

We are celebrating First Gen Week with a FAFSA Night!
Come learn about taxes and enjoy a taco!

Join us in person in the Clairmont Tower Penthouse to learn about budgeting!

Money Monday at Oxford! Nov 1st Budgeting, Nov 8th Credit, Nov 15th Investing

Join us in person at Oxford!
Join us in person in Atlanta!

See you via Zoom!


Fall 2023

Festive Finances
Makayla Francois and Meliyah Salvage-Edwards
December 4th Anthro 107

The Road to College
Emily Culbertson, Abel Zurita, Sumaya Beckles, Makayla Francois, Ben Damon, Adia Barrera
December 1st Newton County Schools

Wonderful Wednesday
Peer Mentor Team
November 15th 12-2pm

Budgeting with the School of Nursing
Emily Culbertson
October 26th 2pm Zoom

College 101
Emily Culbertson
October 21st Oxford College

Personal Finance with Michael Bailey
Khayriddin Muradov
October 20th Zoom – All are welcome!

Financial Literacy Overview
Sumaya Beckles and Ben Damon
October 17th Alpha Phi Omega PAIS 250

Bagels and Budgeting
Amanda Chen and Addie Travis
October 13th Oxford Mural Room

Budgeting and Saving
Meliyah Salvage, Makayla Francois, Adia Barrera
October 5th White Hall Rm 100

Wheel of Fortune
Addie Travis and Nico Willman
September 22nd Oxford Dining Hall

Investing 101
Ben Damon and Khayriddin Muradov
September 21st Harris Hall

Atlanta Student Involvement Fair
Multiple Team Members
August 31st McDonough Field

Oxford and Emory Student Employment Fairs
Multiple Team Members
August 21st and 22nd

Budgeting in Graduate School
Emily Culbertson
August 15th CNR Auditorium

Look for us at the financial aid tables at the Oxford and Emory Expos on August 18th and 19th!

Spring 2023

Take a Break Tuesday
Oxford Team
April 16th Oxford Student Center

Total Wellness Lifestyle Class
Mei Li Hart
April 10th Oxford CHL

Wonderful Wednesday
Atlanta Team
April 5th Asbury Circle

Financial Literacy Overview with the Student Alumni Association
Indar Ramlal, Khayriddin Muradov, Sumaya Beckles
March 30th 6pm VIRTUAL

Snacks and Savvy Finances
Indar Ramlal, Meliyah Salvage, Sumaya Beckles
March 20th 4pm GBS 231

Burritos and Budgeting
Indar Ramlal and Sumaya Beckles
February 28th 5pm ESC N104

Saving and Investing
Indar Ramlal and Sumaya Beckles
February 27th 6pm SAAC 316

Money and Life
Ben Damon and Dr Usha Rackliffe
February 23rd 6pm Oxford Mural Room

Money and Life
Khayriddin Muradov and Dr Usha Rackliffe
February 15th 6pm GBS 338

Loan Repayment
Maria Carthon
February 15th 4pm

Budgeting with Bread!
Sumaya Beckles and Indar Ramlal
February 8th 7pm Bread House

Fall 2022

Playing the Long Game
Khayriddin Muradov and John McColl
November 30th 6pm Zoom

UDX Financial Literacy Series
Indar Ramlal and Makayla Francois
November 146h, 5-6:30pm SAAC 316

Sumaya Beckles and William Grace
November 14th, 5:30-7pm Candler Library 101

CORE Financial Literacy Session
Sumaya Beckles
November 14th, 7pm

Financial Literacy with 1915 Scholars
Sumaya Beckles and Meliyah Savage November 7th, 3-5pm ESC

College 101
Emily Culbertson
October 29th, 10am Oxford College

Investing for College Students
Michael Bailey
September 29th, 6pm Zoom

Spring 2022

Oxford Student Involvement Fair
Mei Li Hart, Khayriddin Muradov
February 10th, 4-6:30pm

Take a Break Tuesday
Mei Li Hart, Khayriddin Muradov, Ben Damon
February 15th

How to Adult with Dr Usha Rackliffe
Atlanta Campus, White Hall Room 208
February 21st

Tacos and Taxes with Questbridge
Ro De La Rosa, Anna Linquist
February 23rd

How to Adult with Dr Usha Rackliffe
Oxford Campus, Mural Room
February 24th

Emory No Loan Q & A
March 1st

Emory Well Being Fair
Wonderful Wednesday
March 2nd

1915 Financial Literacy Workshop
Maria Carthon
March 23rd 4pm

Creative Ways to Start Building Wealth
Oxford College, Mural Room
April 5th at 6pm

Trivia! Financial Literacy
Atlanta Campus, White Hall Room 102
April 13th at 6pm

Budgeting and Boba: Tips for Managing Your Money in College
Atlanta Campus
April 19th at 7pm

FALL 2021
CORE Virtual Series
Rosseirys De La Rosa
September 29th

College 101
Emily Culbertson
October 21st

Oxford College Family Weekend
Khayriddin, Mei Li, and Ben
October 23st

Rosseirys De La Rosa
October 26th

Credit Management Workshop RecWell
Maria Carthon
October 27th

Money Mondays at Oxford
Khayriddin Muradov
November 1st, 8th, and 15th

Tacos and Taxes
Anna Lindquist
November 4th

First Gen Week FAFSA Night
Emily Culbertson and William Grace
November 10th


If you can’t join us at these events, find us on social media or our weekly office hours!