Intro to Taxes – The Bare Bones Rundown

“Taxes, the most exciting and fun personal finance topic” – said no one ever In all seriousness, taxes are foundational to the American financial system and involve a plethora of complex accounting methods. They are often extremely overwhelming to current college students and recent graduates since there are so many different tax forms and reporting …

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Bank Accounts 101

Ah, the good old checking and savings accounts, which many of you likely already have. They may seem very intuitive but looking closer at them we can identify the unique features of each as well as the downsides to be aware of.

Where to Start Planning for Retirement as a College Student

It is never too early to start planning for your retirement and financial independence. We all want to have a comfortable amount of wealth once we leave the work force to pursue other activities like volunteering, golf, and travel without the constant worry of running out of money. Fortunately, you can incorporate some of the strategies below while in college and leave your 60-year-old self very happy!

Time Management While in College : You might need to buy a planner!

While in college, you will be bombarded with course registration, managing assignments, emails, and trying to have a social life. As a first-semester freshman, it will be difficult trying to find balance but in your second semester, it will get easier! The key is finding tricks that work for you. Have a planner With having …

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