Emory University is Going “No Loan” with Expanded Emory Advantage 

On January 31st, 2022, Emory University announced loans would no longer be part of need based financial aid for undergraduate students starting in the fall of 2022. This exciting change allows more Emory students to graduate debt-free; doubling the number of students whose need-based loans are replaced by grants.  

We are writing this article to answer some common questions students have asked about this new program.  

How will I apply for the new Emory Advantage program?  

There is no separate application! We will use your normal need-based aid applications and any domestic undergraduate student who is eligible for need-based aid will be eligible for this program.  

Will loans still be available if I need them?  

Yes. Some students may need to utilize loans to cover their expected family contribution or to cover additional expenses. Reach out to your financial aid advisor if so.  

What about summer classes?  

The expanded Emory Advantage program will only apply to fall and spring semesters.  

I am a May 2022 graduate. Will the new program apply to me?  

The expanded Emory Advantage program starts in the fall of 2022 and will only apply to students enrolled at that time.  

The links below have additional information about the Expanded Emory Advantage program.  




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